Return of leveling stats and the BurNing’s AM build in 7.29?

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Now that having the option of leveling +2 stats is a thing again can we expect people starting to do the legendary BurNing's Anti-Mage build again? The game has experienced about a billion patches since leveling attributes was removed last time, so it remains in question if it's still good or viable.

For new players and those who need refreshment, the BurNing's AM was pre 7.00 build named after the legendary AM player who popularized it. The build relied on taking value points on each basic skill and then leveling early stats over abilities. This was however made impossible when talent-tree replaced stat leveling.

There are variations on the actual skill build depending on the game and personal preference, but this was the most common take on it IMO. At levels 1-3 AM players would have taken a point in all their basic skills and going stats after that. After leveling ult at 6 and having 2-4 levels in stats in total one should have Battle Fury ready and the build would transition to maxing blink or rather aiming to having blink maxed just about when BF was ready for optimal farming speed. After that mana break was usually maxed for the obvious manta combo and spell shield was left to be maxed last. Early extra stats provided better effective HP, manapool and farming ability than leveling mana break or spell shield and generally having easier and faster Battle Bury.


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