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I'm writing this pretty much purely out of frustration so I expect the downvotes to match my attitude.
This game is a terrible experience. The desync which I had not known about prior to buying, the hackers who take mags full of AP rounds to the head, the extreme rushing style that you have to play to be successful. I was told by a few friends that this was a slow-paced, tactical shooter with one of the most realistic health systems and an unforgiving system of losing everything when you die. The only thing that held up was how unforgiving this game is. And the spawn killing that is apparently a legitimate and just, part of the game I guess?

This game isn't hardcore because it's good, it's hardcore because it's completely janky and in order to be good at the game you have to play into that jank. I laughed when I spawned on factory twice and got spawn killed both times. And the only defense that people have for me is the old "git gud" and "learn the maps." or "You knew there was no refund at purchase."
I don't want to play into what I personally believe are broken mechanics to be "good." I want the slow paced, tactical combat I thought I was buying into. (And actually got in my first match on woods!) After those two games I sent a very polite reply expressing my concerns with the game, and some performance issues that I couldn't fix (some stuttering and lag that is not on my end.) And I received an email which was full of misinformation today that is baffling and counter-intuitive.

I've read nothing bad about EFT up until the moment after I purchased it, and when I started learning about the game, I started learning about its massive flaws and how mods of this reddit, and in other forums censor all negativity or reviews.

"Please understand that we have no purpose to sell you pre-order of Escape From Tarkov at "all costs". Our company's reputation is very important to us, and we'd prefer to build long-term and strong relationships with our customers – so players remain only the good and fond memories about Battlestate Games even years later. But unfortunately refund is not possible by purely technical and legal reasons."

  1. So you care about the customers, just not me as an individual customer. You'd prefer to build long-term and strong relationships with them, by denying a reasonable request.

That's wild. You're saying I matter as a customer, while also denying me a refund on a product I spent a total of an hour on, because you care so much. I'm sorry, that's ridiculous. It is very obvious that your exact purpose is to sell this game at all costs, because that's exactly what you've done to me. And I'm sure that I am not the first one.

  1. Refund is not possible by purely technical and legal reasons.

This is just a straight up lie. I've seen dozens of posts, which is what inspired me to send an email, of people getting refunds for this game. Now usually that happens because EU has better consumer protection laws REQUIRING them to refund the price of the game, because otherwise they can't sell it there. Something along those lines anyway, correct me if I'm wrong. So essentially what I'm understanding here is:
"We don't care about you, but if you have good consumer protection laws, then we have to give you a refund because if we don't that would stop us from sucking money from you guys. But, seeing as you're not in a place with consumer protection laws, you can go fuck yourself. We love you."

It's enraging to see a company do this, especially coming from Steam and Battlenet where if I buy something and have valid reasons for not liking it, I can get it returned no questions asked. I don't return games very often, and this is one of the few games I have ever regretted buying. So I have to just keep it and hope one day the meta and game-breaking desync and stutter are fixed, by a company who has some really sketchy selling practices.

This rant isn't as much about me not getting a refund as much as I want to make it clear BSG doesn't give a shit about you (the consumer.) And they surely aren't trying to "build long-term and strong relationships with our customers." I am not holding out much hope for this game to ever leave beta after this encounter. Fight for your country's consumer protection laws people, this has got me thinking about writing some letters. At least something positive will come out of this experience, god knows the game wasn't.


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