Returning after years… so lost! What is the new progression? lots of questions! VR?

Last I played ED, I had Horizons and Engineering recently came out, and there were just the first sighting of the aliens pulling people out of warp.

I logged in last night after years, and it appears I am Farseer station with Engineer Felicity Farseer. I have a Python and about 37,000,000. It appears I have a few legacy modules, but nothing engineered past 3 stars. I have this engineer unlocked up to 4 stars it looks like.

So… what to do? There are guardian upgrades, Engineering upgrades, and aliens to go fight, right? When I left people were participating in Powerplay. is that still a thing?

Looking at Engineering – I dont recall getting any god rolls, and my legacy modules are only up to level 2 and 3. (3 stars?). Do I keep those as legacy, or convert them to the new engineering system? Is there a place to check those stats to see if I do have something special?

I am also not psyched to hop back into a grind. Is there adventure to be had, a story to get wrapped up into? Or did I miss it with the aliens? I am game to join up on discord and join some wings and squadrons… best place to find a good guild?

My joy is more on the combat side and I am game to try out these aliens. I am hoping they finally made smuggling and piracy more of a thing. Not eager for PVP against uber ships.

One reason for the interest is I wanted to try out VR with this game. I have an Occulus Rift and I just got a new PC so I can handle high settings. I am a newb at this, but game to try the voice attack system and the steam VR addon where you add buttons all over your ship. Any advice or guidance here?

As to my ship… I am ok with the Python but I recall I just recently progressed up to it, and was missing my Vulture. I now see there are new ships and the Krait seems to have the same stats but better turning, slightly weaker shields and armor, and cant transport as much. Is it a bad decision to go down to that cheaper ship? One part of the appeal is that having fighters is also new to me. Worthwhile? I previously made a lot of my money from working trade routes.. so I dont want to lose that source, but it wasnt a joy activity.

If you were back after a few years and found yourself in a python and the start of engineering… what would you do? Guardians, aliens, engineering, upgrading, adventure?

Exploration? Game has been out so long are there things still worth discovering?

thanks all – o7



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