Returning player after a 4+ year break looking for a little advice.

So I just jumped back in and dusted the old ships off (Plus redoing all the tutorials because I didn't remember a thing) and I'm looking to make some money with the old Type 9. Type 9 and Vulture are the only two ships I have and I haven't done any of the engineering since it wasn't a thing last time I played. So I take out the Type 9 for a few hours to run some cargo runs and was interdicted 3 times in solo. Lost the interdiction battle all 3 times so not sure if I'm rusty or it's just harder then it used to be. The first two times I managed to jump back away but take a good heap of hull damage. The last time I was obliterated in seconds. haha

So after that, I figured I gotta beef up the Type 9 because I don't ever remember being destroyed by the AI in that thing. So here is the current build I'm running for the Type 9 now after some upgrades but just wondering if it's any good since the meta has seemed to change. Turrets were never needed but now I'm wondering if maybe they are worth the time. My strategy has always been once I get dropped out, drop a chaff and then just jump after the cooldown but I now seem to take a hell of a pounding in that short amount of time.

Any advice or improvements you can suggest are more then welcomed and appreciated. It's hard to find current info on builds and meta as most seem to be a few years old and I'm not sure if they're still viable or not.


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