Returning Tarkov player, what happened?

I used to play this game religiously, absolutely loved it. Thought I would get into it again and I’m so confused with the path the developers have decided to take.

I can’t access the flea market until level 10, and their isn’t exactly a high choice of weapons to buy from low level vendors until then, making the game extremely difficult and unforgiving to new players.

Now I’m not bad at levelling up, but I returned to this game with a friend who has never played and the mountain of a task it is for him to get to level 10 is so long when you don’t how to play the game fully.

I remember being level 1 and at least being able to buy a sight for my gun, now I can’t.

I reached level 10 and realised I can now only sell found in raid items, I used to love playing the market and taking a break from raids whilst still progressing my stash bank and this change has thrown that out the window.

I feel like Tarkov has become really linear compared to how it used to be? Why were these changes made? What have I missed?

Really not enjoying the game since I’ve returned


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