Revealing body placement at the start of the discussion round

I love this game but i can't stand one thing. Playing with people who report a body and start asking others one by one "where are you?" without revealing where did they found the body. I always refuse to answer and because of that people are angry at me 🙂
So what are positives for not revealing body placement? When i ask people about that i can't get good answer. Usually people say that it's bad for killer, but they have no arguments why. After that they say that second impostor might make so mistake and i don't understand that.
Positives for revealing body at the start of discussion round: people can focus to remember only useful information and we don't lose 1+ minutes for talking about useless information. Usually i remember many colors and positions at the start of the round but i'm being bombed with useless info and after a minute i don't remember even my own position 🙂

Sorry for any mistakes. What is your opinion? Am i wrong?


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