Revelations from being filthy rich

I just wanted to share a few revelations I have had since deciding no amount of money is too much for gear.

1) Slick/Hex + full Wendy is the truth!

In the last week alone I have been full body blacked except head and thorax 4 times. On top of that the Wendy has ate/ bounced lethal bullets 10 counted times.

2) Thermal Sights are actually worth.

For 600k-1m you are pretty much a god on mid to long range maps. It does take a bit to get used to quick scanning and not draining your arms but once you get it down GG.

3) That Attack2 is the real reason Chad's are rich.

Look this is one that took me a minute to realize. Running attack2+ sized bags is the difference in getting kit+ value from raids and getting 2-3x kit value from raids.

I can legit say I will be running Slicks/Wendy with atk2 and thermals much sooner next wipe. The advantages and money you can make are more busted than early bitcoin farm.

I hope this helps some people who have 8-10 mil and are not sure if they should jump into big gear realize they should be running big gear.


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