Reworked Issues and Fixes for Wild Hunt

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With Vampire finally getting their deserved support (sadly still weak), it's time to talk about the other disappointing monster archetype, Wild Hunt.

Why does Wild Hunt suck?

There are two major issues, the lack of synergy with Frost and the dependency on big units due to Dominance. There are only 4 cards which can make use of Frost which is obviously not enough to make a good deck based on it. Dominance is pointless when the biggest units has 7 points. It is also too easy to play around Frost by stacking a single row. Frost also hates Armor since Frost will always target the biggest unit.

How can this be fixed?

Simply less Dominance, more Frost. Of course row stacking and unitless decks are also a big issues. I tried my best to let the cards be the same for other decks while proposing changes.


Wild Hunt Hound – 3 BP – 4 Provisions

Dominance: At the end of your turn, boost self by 1. If there is Frost on the opposite row, always trigger the Dominance ability.

A simple change to give Frost decks a cheap engine.

Wild Hunt Navigator – 1 BP – 4 Provisions

Deploy: Give 3 Armor to a Wild Hunt unit in your hand. If there is Frost on the opposite row, also give it Veil.

A combination between Iron Falcon Troubadour and Fortune Teller. This will make cards like Eredin a lot harder to remove. I suppose that the 3 BP for an extra Armor and Veil is quite fair.

Wild Hunt Warrior – 2 BP – 4 Provisions

Deploy: Spawn Frost for 1 turns on an enemy row. Increase damage dealt by Frost to an enemy unit with Armor by 1.

Armor is a reason why Frost is bad which this card could fix. The card itself only plays for 4 points itself to make it balanced.

Wild Hunt Rider – 4 BP – 5 Provisions

Effect stays the same. But if there is Frost on the opposite row, always trigger the Dominance ability.

Wild Hunt Bruiser – 4 BP – 1 Armor – 5 Provisions

Deploy: Move an enemy unit to the other row. If the target moves to a row affected by Frost, damage it by 2. If there is Frost on the opposite row, move two enemy units instead.

His effect is already good. This change will give him more control over the opponent's rows. Although the leader would prevent row stacking, moving can still be beneficial to change the target for Frost or deal 3 damage instead with Eredin. I took 1 BP to let him play as the classic 8 for 5.

Naglfar's Taskmaster – 5 BP – 5 Provisions

Deploy: Purify an enemy unit. Dominance: Purify a unit instead. If there is Frost on the opposite row, Purify two units instead.

Just a small buff. Also ignoring Dominance would probably be too strong.

Naglfar's Crew – 1 BP – 5 Provisions

Deploy: Spawn Frost for 2 turns on an enemy row. Whenever an opposing unit is damaged by Frost, boost self by 1.

The buff will allow it to boost itself by 2 if there's Frost on both rows. With the addition of Imlerith, this card can boost itself even by 4. With no armor, it is really easy to remove though and makes it a good target to trigger Deathblow.

Nithral – 5 BP – 8 Provisions

Order (Melee): Damage a unit by 1. Dominance: Damage a unit by 2 instead. Cooldown: 1. If there is Frost on the opposite row, always trigger the Dominance ability and gain Veil.

A very frosty looking warrior without a Frost related ability. Again, Frost allows him to ignore Dominance and Veil protects it from being locked.

Eredin Br̩acc Glas Р5 BP Р10 Provisions

Deploy: Spawn Frost on an enemy row for 2 turns. Increase damage dealt by Frost by 1.

The best Frost related unit in the game and only useful in a Frost deck anyways so removing his Dominance shouldn't break the deck.

Ard Gaeth – 12 Provisions

Play a Wild Hunt unit from your deck with a provision cost of 10 or less, then Spawn Frost on both enemy rows for a number of turns for each 2 provision below the limit (rounded down).

The much needed tutor for a Devotion deck. It's slightly stronger than Amphibious Assault, therefore your targets are much more limited.

Imlerith – 6 BP – 12 Provisions

Deploy: Spawn Frost on both enemy rows for 1 turn. If you only control Wild Hunt units, Frost on enemy units also triggers at the beginning of your turn.

It's time to turn him from a meme to the Unseen Elder of Wild Hunt. His condition prevents him from being abused in other decks and encourages pure Wild Hunt builds.

Auberon Conqueror (King) – 5 BP – 12 Provisions

Veil. Deploy: Create and play a bronze Wild Hunt unit. Whenever an enemy is damaged by Frost during your opponent's turn, boost a random allied Wild Hunt unit by 1.

This allows Auberon to generate 2 points unlike the other transforming cards but you also rely on Frost to damage a unit. Imlerith shouldn't make him generating 4 points though.

White Frost – Leader

Order: Spawn Frost on an opponent's row for 2 turns. Charge: 2 While there is Frost on an opponent's row without units, increase damage dealt by Frost by 2.

This ability adds 14 provisions to your deck's provisions limit.

How dare you stacking your row !

Hope my suggestions are not too broken. Thanks for reading !


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