Reworking the Raid Matching

Hear me out on this.

I'd like to get some opinions on an idea I had thought of, which at first seemed like it could greatly benefit the game.

Level based matchmaking.

What I mean, if you are a level 10 PMC you would only be matched with players who are from level 10 – 20 for example. Level 40 players would be matched with players level 39 – 50, or whatever level bracket makes the most sense (those are just examples).

This could help alleviate newer players from getting completely slaughtered by players who are far more experienced with higher tier items (bringing in more players), and benefit PVP for all levels since PMCs you come across will be equipped with similar gear.

Scavs would not apply to this model, they can load into any level bracket, so the chances of taking out a really decked out player with a budget load-out is still there.

Edit: If you think that by implementing a system like this you are removing the 'random' aspect to a raid, that is not the case. The randomness of a raid is not determined by a player's level, but the gear they go in with. A level 30 player going into a raid with nothing but a pistol or shotgun, will be a vastly different experience versus if they had a P90, level 5 armor, and a backpack full of grenades.

Edit: Fully expected to get downvoted into oblivion and the Tarkov Subreddit did not disappoint.


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