Riki’s dart is actually kinda insane

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Okay, at a surface level, it's a good spell, but I didn't quite realize how good it was until I played position 4 Riki and the enemy Omniknight started malding about the sleep.

  • 3 second stun
  • Target becomes invulnerable
  • Target takes damage and slow after recovering
  • Great cast range
  • Fast projectile
  • Fast cast time
  • On a mobile hero that is permanently invisible
  • Can be followed up by a silence already waiting for them or (if you're a real chad) a Meme Hammer
  • Low cost
  • Low CD

But when you look at it a little more, it's actually just completely bonkers, and there's two reasons for that.

It says it's a sleep, the debuff says it's a stun, but that's a lie. This spell is a Banish.

A 12 second CD, 3 second banish with 1200 cast range and a 75 mana cost.

On a hero who, unlike Shadow Demon, can both get in range to use it offensively and get out safely.

  1. Sleep Dart cannot be dispelled. No Dark Pacts, no level 25 Troll ults, no Ursa Aghs.
  2. Sleep Dart not only renders the enemy invulnerable to attack, it also renders them untargetable to their own team. If a Dazzle tries to heal them, he won't be allowed to target them. If Pudge tries to hook them to safety, it will sail right through them. If an Omniknight is standing directly next to them and presses R, they won't get the buff.

If you want to make an Slark or Abbadon cry, this is a great way of doing so.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/lsdrq7/rikis_dart_is_actually_kinda_insane/

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