RIP Artifact. May your soul rest in peace.

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This is not a hate post, just a friendly reminder of the world CCG's have to endure. I never played Artifact but was intrigued by its unique 3 lane mechanic. The main reason I play Gwent is because there is nothing like it out there, so I do have an affinity towards games that try something new. I was never able to give Artifact a try due its steep entry fee. Then I learnt about its economy and it sealed the deal.

However, some of you may know how the game went back into closed beta (not exactly but that is the idea) and were trying to essentially fix the game. I have been patiently waiting for it to come out of closed beta, so I could give it a try and it seemed to be on track as the Dev's even released a roadmap not too long ago.

But alas, it seems that Artifact will forever remain valve's biggest failure.

We can point to a lot of mistakes during its launch, but the developers seemed to have real passion for this game and seeing it go, makes me feel bad.

We should at times appreciate that despite the troubles Gwent goes through from time to time, it something that we wish to see live on prosper. Because let's be honest, we just love this game.


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