Road to Riches or Something Else

Greetings Commanders,

I have a question regarding the R2R and if it's still worth doing for credits/rank increase. Before you answer, I'll give you some information about me.

I've been playing for a few years now. I own a full combat Corvette, a Phantom for zipping around the bubble/exploring, an Anaconda that is currently waiting to be used for something, a Type-9 Heavy for trading, and some smaller/less used ships. I also have about 120mil credits right now. I still need to do engineering, but that's a whole different monster for another month.

I'm currently working on unlocking the Cutter to replace my Type-9, and was curious what everyone recommends to make large amounts of credits. I've previously done Rob'n'Go mines, Skimmers, CG, trading, and wing missions (a friend and I made 300mil credits in a day or two abusing these) but I have never done the R2R before. I'm curious to hear what everyone recommends.

Thanks! o7


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