Robo-Ray: My Opinion

So, on 16.00 we got a leaked skin on the other mode called Robo-Ray, it's basically Ray but with a robot body. Judging by past Epic actions Robo-Ray will most likely be a StW starter pack. Why?

In my honest opinion this is stupid. Ray is such an important character, she's one of the main characters in StW and getting her tied to a pack is dumb enough. Not only that but she's very likely a reskin of an existing hero, same with weapons.

She doesn't have a backbling

EDIT: she does

We have Clip, Major Oswald, Director, Dennis but some of us won't be able to get Ray, because she's tied to a pack. Not everyone wants to pay again for a game they already own. Only metal team leader came to the skin store and I don't think other pack skins will also come.

I really hope she's some sort of Ventures reward and not a pack. I'll have a reason to grind.


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