Rubicks seriously strong stolen Spells

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides


*Stolen Midnight Pulse: 225% Total Max HP Damage in 12 seconds

Stolen Aghanims Black Hole: 54% Total Max HP Pure Damage + 2152 Pure Damage

Stolen Huskar Lifebreak: 118% Max HP Damage

Stolen Phantom Assassin Shard Fan of Knives: 43% Max HP Damage

*Stolen Elder Titans Earth Splitter: 135% Max HP Damage

Stolen Venomancer Aghanims Poison Nova: 242% Max HP Damage in 20 seconds

Stolen Crystal Maiden Aghanims and Scepter Freezing Field: 11000 Damage(Tested, not calculated)

Stolen Aghanims Astral Imprisonment: 5,2s Duration. 9s Recharge. 2 Charges.

Stolen Spirit Breaker Aghanims Scepter Charge of Darkness: 3,1s Stun Duration. 5,3s Cooldown.


Im still trying to understand the math. While some examples check out, others seem to throw out weird numbers e.g. ET Earth Splitter. Calculating Spell Amp Additively, Magic Res Multiplicatively and multiplying both. But seems I´m missing something. Marked those that seem to have wrong numbers(But testing the spells still proves them to be really strong).

Example Math with basic Magic Resistance and a few items: Spell out Amp: (Arcane Supremacy: 26% + Talent 40% + SnK 16% + 2x Null Talisman 8%) + Spell in Amp(Decrepify 60% + Veil of Discord 18% – Magic Res 25%) = 269%

If someone understands whats wrong, I´d be very grateful if you would comment.


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