Rumors behind Streets of Tarkov…

Like most of you, I'm super hyped for Streets. I've heard a lot of rumors behind the map and wanted to know what you guys thought on the matter.

  • The wipe is confirmed for either 12.9 or 13.0, so if we don't get a wipe with 12.9 (which I assume will drop before the end of this year) the wipe would be confirmed for 13.0 with the release of streets?
  • I've also heard this will be the first version of map to map travel, meaning you will need to extract from streets to enter labs. Does this mean I'll enter the labs raid with whatever I got from the streets raid? Am I going to be forced to extract from streets with my 80 kg backpack filled with TV rigs and stims from labs?
  • Finally, I heard upwards of 40 pmc's are going to be on the map which scares me with the current state of lag and desync in tarkov. Especially if player scavs can spawn in.
  • I also really hope it releases with a scav boss!

EDIT: feel free to ask your own questions in the comments about streets of tarkov!


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