Running only 2 gold thinning witchers?

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Was thinking about this after watching some top-tier streamers play against NR Witchers, and seeing the opponent play the gold thinning Witchers, but only one pops out from deck. The instant (classic) response is "Lol, he has the third Witcher in hand!". And usually, that is true.

However, is there any justification to running only two of the Witchers?

The upsides are that…

  • It's still a 10 point play thinning your deck by 1 Card.

  • It allows you to put another good gold card into your deck.

  • Also, minimizes the chance you end up with 2 (or more, if you were running all 3) Witchers in hand post-mulligan.

  • Finally, perhaps the best, it could simply bamboozle your opponent when you play Witchers late, opponent thinks you must have third Witcher in hand, and doesn't play around some other tech card you actually had in hand.

Of course, the downside is that it wouldn't be as amazing of a swing (1 card 15 point play thinning 2 cards, taking up 21 provisions, is probably better than 1 card 10 point thinning 1 card, taking up 14 provisions). But, given the flexibility of an gold card along with decreasing the chance to have two Witchers post-mulligan, is this worth considering as a new "tech"?


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