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Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted the last time, but I hope that you haven’t forgotten about me 😉

The latest patch wasn’t massive, and it does not look like it is having a huge impact on the meta. So far there have been a few changes to some decks but for the most part its very similar to last season.

I had a really nice start to the season with around 85% winrate after half of my placements but I ended up tanking a bit in the end and ended up with 74% winrate and #3 on ladder. Despite a few bad games in the end I am still quite happy with the results. Especially since most of the games were played on stream.

As it is very clear from my scores then one faction is head and shoulders above everything else. Greenknight argued that drill nerf must have had an impact since he only lost 1 SY game in his placements last season whereas I managed to lose 2 this season. Feel free to judge for yourself 😉

Which 4 factions are the best?

If your goal is to get the highest score in the least amount of games then you only wanna play 4 factions and forget about the other two. I believe that NG, MO and SY should be played by anyone who wants to compete this season. Ball and Lined Pockets should be the decks for NG and SY but for MO you actually got 3 viyable options: Viy, Kelly and Swarm. It's not easy to say which one is better since it depends what you queue into on ladder but you cant go all wrong with any of them.

The last faction is more difficult. I went for warriors with Arnachad, but the unfortunate thing is that most sk decks dont really have any good matchups. Sure they have some winable ones but for the most part it's just bad. For reference then I have won my last 24/25 games vs SK. Lost one game with NG where I missed Rodrick and Ball – shit happens.

ST traps and NR Witchers are also contenders for the fourth faction.

SY (23-2)

It's tough to argue that Lined Pockets isnt the best deck in the game. The deck is super consistent and has strong combination of engines and control. I am using a version with Brawl and no Heatwave and I honestly believe this is the best way to build the deck. Some would argue that heatwave is nice vs NG but if you go into a long r3 and think that you win because you heatwave their ball then you are mistaken. You win that matchup by bleeding r2 and passing on the ball.


SK (19-5)

We tried a few different things out for SK. Both devo and non devo Arnachad and neither of the decks felt great. I dont think they are bad by any means but there is a huge gap between these decks and the other decks I played this season.

Deck (Devo):

Deck (Non-devo):

MO (25-12)

Okay, I cheated a bit for MO and played some more games but I also played Viy, Swarm AND Kelly. My first 25 games were with Swarm and Viy and I really struggled. Just kept queueing bad matchup into bad matchup. Then I switched to Kelly and queued SK 8/10 games and my mmr skyrocketed. I believe you can play all decks and you should switch depending on the meta of the day but for now I will stick to Kelly.


NG (17-8)

I am little embarrassed by my NG placements. I had a really nice start but ended up tanking quite a lot in the end. Monsters swarm is one of the only bad matchups for this deck but if they play it correctly then it is almost impossible to win from the NG perspective. Against any other deck you can safely rely on the "Chinese meta breaker" though. I am pretty sure I will reach my second best score after sy with ng this season.


Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed it.


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