Sad story but I am leaving dota 2

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I've been playing Dota since 2009 and started Dota 2 around 2015. It's part of my youth and my friends. Over time, my friends all gave up slowly and now there are very few. We also rarely play at the same time. And now I'm 30 years old. A father of 2 and try hard in solo ranking. I love Dota 2! Really. But it's also the game I hate the most.

The first problem comes from MMR Match Matching. It works inefficiently. I played from rank 1k9 to 4k. There are quite a few games where in your team or the opposing team appears a player who doesn't know what to do (even in terms of the game's rank). I don't know if they are smuff or buy account. I told myself it was a margin of error and if I played a large enough number of games I would get over it but over ~4k hours of play it got worse. I'm currently around 3k rank, I assume these players understand the basic concepts of dota, but no. As a hard carry most of the time, I've been supported by most of the herrors including luna, weaver, tinker, sniper…. Maybe it works at a certain rank or youtube highlights, but not at this rank and not at sea server. I don't have a problem if they do well but 9 out of 10 games I have that kind of support, losing is inevitable. That's just one in a thousand examples you can find every day online. I can still have fun or at least feel normal if I lose to a noob teammate, all I need is for them to play their roles and have a sense of contributing to the team.

The winning streak and the losing streak are also ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. For a highly competitive person like me, having a winning streak is fun, but that can't compare to the frustration and annoyance I carry with me all day if I run into a losing streak. Why can't things happen normally when there are wins or losses? Doesn't that give players more balance when facing a game-breaker or an hour-long game and losing? You could argue that it's for the rank calculation, but as I said above: it's inefficient.

And finally, it is impossible not to mention the toxicity of the gaming community. Behaviour Score, Reports or Vote at the end of the game are not heavy enough to eliminate toxic players. My last game is also what kept me up until 3am writing this. Mid player pick void, lose lane, go jug farm. I (PA) and 3 other players have to leave lane early, stick gank like crazy make space for him. We had the advantage and just at the moment we thought we might win, void intentionally feed. Chrono teammates for opposing team can combat. He said he done with this team and I don't understand what else could we do for this game? Obviously, we lost as soon as he was on the team, so isn't it a waste of time trying to play well? I used to be very polite, but after being tortured by such people and the next time I met the similar ones, I would lose my temper and curse at them. After the fight, I felt terrible, partly because of the defeat but also partly because I realized that I was also getting closer and closer to toxic. I fear that one day I will also become an afk player in fountain, sell out items, feed courier and go die again and again in enemy towers….. Then I will become human no different from the one I mentioned above. The worst part is that Valve did nothing to improve the situation. After all, this is a 10 year old game and dying. I would be happy if one day my account was suspended for several weeks because of indecent language (admittedly me). Or get a notification that the person I reported has been banned for 3 months for afk or selling items…
I used to dream that one day I could teach my son to play dota 2 and we would play together but this is unlikely to happen. I'm thinking about quitting dota altogether. Ending something over ten years is never easy. I hope a miracle happens and Valve does something to improve the situation. 7.30 with updates on mechanics, items, and heroes is fun but it's been a long time since there's been an update for the issues I mentioned above.


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