Sailing and sipping whiskey

Recently beat Eikthyr, and collected minerals for Elder.

Crafted all necessities like armor, weapons, etc.. But there was still some remaining.

I liked the raft, but it was faster to walk then with that, so spent that little bronze on my first ship.

The idea was that I will sail toward Elder, and there build a portal home.

Well the water under the fog of war was not so straightforward. No problem, let's sail around a little longer.

I spent nearly two hours just sailing next to the coast, while sipping whiskey, and it was awesome. The landscape is gorgeous. Music is calming. This is truly a beautiful game.

(Ok, in the end I found the swamp for the first time, and almost instantly died from the draughr and the skeletons, and had to spend half an hour to sprint back for my items. But apart from that it was a good experience.)


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