Salvation and his prediction: theory time

As we already know, the Cornsar System came under attack exactly as Salvation predicted. Two stations are on fire and rescue ships have been deployed next to the burning stations.

Looking at the situation, I can't help but think: Salvation's prediction just seems a little too.. precise and accurate. Is he sitting in the situation room of a Thargoid Mothership, or has he other ways of ensuring his predictions are accurate to the point?

There is another thing that is different here: there are no AX CZ's anywhere, and the system is not under incursion like is usual when Thargoids attack. All we have are some interceptors wandering around the system in NHSS's. They are not even pushing to destroy the stations.

So how did the Thargoids pick this particular system and why?

Not long ago, an Aegis megaship loaded to the brim with Guardian artefacts went missing. It was stationed in The Pleiades and was returning to The Bubble but was attacked by Thargoids every time it jumped. Then it completely disappeared and has not been heard of since. We know the Thargoids are very hostile towards anything Guardian.

EDIT: I do not mean those rescue megaships, everyone knows about them, but the Agricultural megaship, and the Bulk Hauler that sit right next to the stations..

What if someone unloaded some of the artefacts from the missing megaship into these two stations to lure the Thargoids to attack them? Also, there just happens to be two megaships currently in-system, one sitting next to each burning stations. Megaships do not usually orbit the same planetary bodies as space stations but here we have not only one but two megaships at the same time in the system, right next to the stations that were attacked. Were they used to discreetly smuggle a large quantity of artefacts into the system for delivery to the stations? If yes, why did the Thargoids not attack the megaships instead?

Questions, questions..

I would like to hear your theories. What do you think we are dealing with here? The Club, Theta Group, Salvation, all of them? 🙂


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