SBIH interchange is the worst

So I am now down to two quest for kappa, I have all but Interchange done for SBIH and need 29 kills for insomnia.

The interchange map is ass when it comes to SBIH, either you get lucky, sit in the same spot for a long tome and hope no one sees you or extract camp.

I hate that the best choice is the extract camping, which to me is less scummy if you have a task that needs to be done, but still crappy overall.

In my opinion this task needs to be moved to reserve a map that is more comparable to the other three on customs, shore and woods.

I have no overall issue with the task, I love it actually and got excited when I completed all of the other in very unexpected ways. But interchange is not a map for this task, and just like the Jaeger task were adjusted this one needs to as well.

Would be happy to here all of your opinions and even suggestion for spot that may help me complete the task or load out suggestions.

Tl;dr interchange is the wrong map for SBIH


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