Scared of sailing!

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Hey all,

So I have recently got this game and I am playing solo. Spent most of my time setting up a little camp and gathering resources for myself.

I finally decided to fight the first boss – seemed very easy and didn't have any issues. I am now wanting to fight the second boss, but unfortunately it seems it seems it is not on the island with me and I have to go across the sea!

I am petrified of dying on the way and losing all my bronze gear, I don't really understand the logistics of ( i watched a couple of clips but I don't really understand the wind). I also read that if I run into a monster or something it will wipe me out.

Any advice for a solo player taking on the seas for the first time? I think I am going to just man up and go without any gear and see if I make it :O


Well this is interesting, I finally made it to the boss (that fight took forever with a single person, was not fun at all tbh), anyway I have defeated him, only to find out my boat got destroyed in the process and the materials have all sunk below to where I can't reach them.

The boss was literally on his own minute island for me (not sure if it was like that for anyone else). So looks like I am going to have to try have a half hour swim back to the coast and likely die in the process ๐Ÿ™

10/10 would do again ๐Ÿ™‚


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