Scav bonds officially broken.

Have not had a single scav run the past 3 days where I do not get immediately KOS'd by another player scav after wiggling to eachother then running away, or I get followed by other player scavs then shot down as I'm leaving, or I drop an item for a player scav and when they drop an item and I goto pick it up get shot in the brain while doing so. I think this is more so just the point in the wipe where player scavs if their rep is too far gone ( and even slightly below 0.00) , since theres no "good" way of raising scav rep to just kill all other player scavs and get their loot.

Thoughts at all to try to remedy this? At this point I feel like it is safer to assume every single player scav is an enemy and not do any wiggling/friendly dropping and just run the other direction when I hear anyone again to preserve my fence rep.

Completely ruins any fun feeling I had earlier in the wipe when scavs would work together or have fun interactions.


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