Scav Boss Spawn Rates

So I'm not sure when this happened but all the scav boss spawn rates got nerfed pretty hard and IMO this has made my raids feel like an empty walking simulator after the first 10-15 minutes. After everyone loots the common high value spots, it seems like everyone just resets and extracts in like 10 minutes because there's no more real reason to stay unless your questing or looking for PvP.

The bosses add an extra opportunity to get more XP, gear, quest progress, etc. But they spawn so much less often now that it's not worth the time to check if they weren't at a spot you could get to fast enough from your spawn. And it's a real shame because the bosses are one of my favorite aspects of this game as they are a high risk high reward choice that force you to actually fight and use your gear. With the bosses spawning far less often I feel that it makes the locations and general atmosphere seem more like an abandoned ghost town instead of a complex warzone with different factions of potential threats. Imagine Killa wasn't in the game. Interchange wouldn't feel as "scary" or daunting to play because there'd be no juiced up lunatic whos hungry for blood that you could run into, just your measly old cheeki breeki's and maybe a pmc or 2.

This is just my opinion but I feel that increasing the spawn rates again would keep players in the raid longer and would help decrease the silent loot and reset/extract raids that I've been feeling a lot lately. I'm interested to hear how other people feel about these spawn rates currently and what you think would be an improvement.


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