Scav Case Changes?

tldr; scavs should bring me a kitted TOZ not a stock one.

The main goal of this post is what changes if any you would like to see made to the scav case in the hideout. I understand its a gamble, but can we make it a interesting gamble?

Guns – I personally think we should be getting weapons that are somewhat kitted. Even if the attachments are shitty. If I am paying a scav to go ratting for me I want them to occasionally bring me some kitted guns. Not saying I deserve a meta M4 with all the fixin's, but a drum mag occasionally, pk-06, decent stock? Most of the price for a mid/high tier weapon is in the attachments and ammo anyway. tldr randomize the attachments on guns received from the scav case.

Gear – I find it a little disappointing that when they bring me vests or rigs that they dont have anything in them. 2 mags with BS in there? a pack of sugar? keytool? bottle of moonshine? lunch box? literally put any items in the rigs and I wont mind searching them. But searching them knowing they are just empty is a boring insta-sell. This would also add excitement to receiving a vest wondering what is inside. tldr if you receive a storage item(vest, rig, key tool, etc) insert and randomize the items inside of it.

I feel like if a scav brings me random gear, it should feel random and freshly plucked from the battlefield. BSG may already have some things planned in this regard with the Trader they have teased that will sell uninsured PMC gear, but I wanted to get some feedback from the masses on possible changes that I may not have thought of.



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