Scav karma is such a nice system, but so very, very flawed

IMO while it being a really cool system, and it being cool to see a lot of player scavs that wiggle and actually play together or stay friendly, there are a few things that have been so very frustrating recently..

Like, some player scavs decide they want to kill you, they take shots at you and miss – you kill them, defending yourself, and you're the bad guy losing loads of karma.

I get that if they hit me I'm free to kill them without losing karma – at least that's what I've read. But how am I the one being punished if I defend myself and kill them before they were able to kill/hit me due to bad aim/bad weaponary, but the certain intent to kill me?

Not sure if I'm missing the "easy" way to improve my standing or something so it would relativate the issue, but I've been up to 1.25 just being friendly, taking car extracts etc., and it felt like a bit of a grind(just started very late like a few days ago) – but just now in a single raid got shot at by 2 player scavs, they pushed me but were apparently too bad to actively hit me.. Now my karma is fucked again after killing them, clearly defending myself.

Situations like that happen way too often.. This needs some tweaking IMO? Or am I actually missing something?


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