Scav Karma Needs a BIG big revision.

I wanna hear what other players think. I have a scav sr this wipe of .2 and i run into player 1/5 scav runs. 90% of those other times i die to someone in a scav run is looting next to other player scavs. It doesn’t matter if they’re already looting or whatever i always get killed by some loot hungry scav all because i can’t kill him when i first see him and protect my rep. I think there needs to be more punishment for killing non aggressive player scavs such as implementing a system where if you kill a friendly player scav you would be unable to exit that raid unless it was through a scav/pmc exit. Also maybe a system where if you go below -2 and kill a friendly player scav you get banned from running scavs until you are able to exit through a pmc/scav exit as a pmc. Just my thoughts i’m just tired of trying to play nice and people always screwing me over. I just think if people don’t care about their scav karma they shouldn’t be able to play as a scav very easily at all and they shouldn’t care that they can’t play as a scav.


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