Scav Karma needs some work.

Me and my two mates scav into shoreline. We spawn in with 15 minutes at road to customs and immediately run to the resort. We can saw a couple of other scavs running around and I have voiced to them with no response.

30 seconds later my dude says one of them killed him out of nowhere. So I am trying to be cautious and I see them second floor west wing. I try voicing to them again with no response. I creep out into the hallway and wiggle just in time to see one ADS. I run as he opens fire go to the bottom and kill the one that chases me losing karma with Fence.. Obviously this is a two man so the other guy runs up and claps me.. So now he gets rep up for Fence..

I understand "its part of the game", and I understand that its new and they will work on it. I think the scav/pmc extracts are allowing people to do this without repercussion though. If you extract one time as a scav or PMC from what I understand that is the equivalent of .10 rep with fence. That means you can now kill 2 scavs and you are back at the same standing with Fence.

A person like me who doesn't use those extracts is now at a MAJOR disadvantage because scavs are just going to clap me for my fuckin VPO and day pack while I am trying to actively signal to them that I am friendly because they can just do a PMC/Scav extract and get their rep right back up.

This will eventually work even more in their favor in the end though due to the standing with Fence allowing for better prices on gear he is getting back that is uninsured. With the insurance costs for some reason get higher as you gain rep with the dealers. Its not causing me to not be able to insure. So ultimately I will end up even more fucked in the long run.

TLDR: I got tilted because bad scavs.. I know I need to git good. I should probably use the Scav/PMC extracts instead of bitching. Shit still needs help though.


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