Scav Karma system needs access to context of a situation.

Scav literally shoots at me, and misses, for a good 30 seconds and because he never once hit a shot, I can't defend myself without losing karma.

So my options were,

  1. Run away and have him chase me, still shooting at me.

  2. Move about and wait for him to hit me, hoping he doesn't kill me with the first hit.

So here's what ended up happening. He stands shooting me for ages, during this time I could've killed him multiple times but not wanting to lose karma (since it takes so long to earn back now), I move back to a better position. He follows me, still shooting at me and missing (purposely or not, I don't know) finally ending with him shooting me in the head.

Now I get that hostile scavs exist and I'm okay with that. My problem is with the system itself. How difficult is it to have a system where it detects that this guy has shot in my direction like 20+ times and is very clearly hostile.

Right now the system is so black and white:

• Did Person A kill another scav or hit you? No? they aren't hostile then.

Meanwhile Person A is running around openly hostile shooting at people and missing all their shots (be it on purpose or not).

TLDR: If I scav is gonna shoot in my direction over 20 times in 30 seconds, very clearly instigating a fight or just missing. They are hostile and we should be able to kill that scav without losing karma.


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