Scav matchmaking is taking so long: Desperation for free gear without risk is jamming matchmaking because the game can not find enough scav slots to accomodate for lab addicts crashing from withdrawal.

I would like to explain to players who might be wondering why matchmaking for scav mode takes so long:

  • Many players got addicted to free HK416 guns for 10 months now. Now with the trade event, prices are detached from reddit moral outrage and inflate.

  • Players who can not handle playing without an HK416, full armor and M995 are panicking and trying to shovel free gear with scav.

  • All that desperation for free gear without risk is jamming the matchmaking system because the game can not find enough scav slots in existing raids to accomodate for the M995 addicts crashing from withdrawal.

This is why raids are so empty, and now real players who do not need labs gear to play have tactical methodical battles on customs with basic gear, as it was intended. Basically the casuals who are addicted to loot filtered themselves out of the game.

Because throwing a tantrum everytime BSG wants to make something less casual stopped working:

  • "Then I will hatchet run!"
  • "Then there will be more exit camping!"
  • "Then I will stop playing!"
  • "I have wife and kids, oh god think of the kids!"

The issue with scav mode has always been for me that it cuts out the pressure for players to play PMC on lower gear. Players skip playing with makarovs and kedrs until they can afford a full-sized AK-74M with armor by playing a round of scav. This problem was created partially by low weapon prices that squeeze low end weapon out.

Now with scav mode failing to find matches, players have to play PMC with gear that is not ideal, and this is where the real tarkov gameplay is.


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