Scav on Scav Violence

Was scaving in on interchange, as I'm currently down bad to 400k roubles. Rough times. But in tech light, I found a meta m4 with two full 60 round mags of m995, two korund-vms, a trooper, a ulach, and a pretty nice ak-74m. Quite a bit more loot two, there was about 4 dead PMCS. I was freaking out cause this was about to change my situation quite a bit. I had the korund/ulach/m4 equipped as I was running out. I ran by one AI scav (looked at me/waved+wiggled/and turned) at the top of the escalators. I was running down the escalators at the front entrance just trying to book it out of there, but as soon as get to the bottom, I hear some footsteps. I turn around (slowly, as I thought it was the same AI scav) to get head tapped by a player scav sitting next to the bottom of the escalators. There goes that shit. God this game has zero breaks.

Edit: I did not explain the situation properly the first time. The first scav wiggled at me in his AI fashion, but the second scav I did not see until I was basically dead. I did not wiggle at the player scav that shot me. But, the same things still apply as I can't just go around assuming I'm safe from other scavs as a scav. And yes, I have tried to wiggle at other player scavs numerous of times and its probably only worked out a handful. Lesson was not learned until this game. I'm still very new to Tarkov as well.


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