Scav vs Scav PVP is only rewarding aspect of the game at the moment.

Tarkov PMC PVP has turned so stale that the best part of the game is now Scav vs Scav PVP.


1) Fighting exclusively at dorms, resort, techlite, and underground. Rest of map = empty. Or 10 seconds after spawning in.

2) Only use m61, if you're not LMAO.

3) See player first, win fight in 0.01 seconds, if desync 50/50 chance.

4) Hear player from 2 buildings away crouching? Throw grenade, bunny hop, prefire corner.

5) Exclusively play duos, trios.

If anyone is starting late wipe, don't buy body armor or helmets or anything. Buy a meta gun and invest money in ammo. Everyone dies in 1-2 shots anyways regardless of armor you wear. Avoid scavs for the first 2 minutes of the map and you can score an easy kit. Out of the last 28 raids I've died in, 22 of them I've died to M61, use it, see someone first, regardless of distance, you win.


Utter fuckfest.

You actually have to use tactics, positioning, and timing.

You don't always spawn with usable gear, you have to fight to make due.

There's a whole lot of fighting in customs, everyone spawns in at the ~14 minute mark. I feel as though there's so many players in the map.

Fights sometimes take whole minutes.

You use random trash, against people using random trash, often times in unconventional places due to the spawns. Every fight is unique.

You don't lose anything as a scav, but it feels more punishing to die as one because of the timer penalty. Right now if most players die as a PMC, nothing really changes, because money is infinite.


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