Scav Wars Idea

Hello everyone! I don't know if this was mentioned before or now but here goes.

So i was testing guns in off line and turn on Scav wars and it made me think.. they should make it where there is a small chance of a scav war happening on any of the maps by making it where one of the other bosses invades another bosses territory.

Like have Reshala invades Reserve with his goons and fight Glukhar and his boys, or have Glukhar invades Shoreline and fights Sanitar and his men, etc.

They can implement scav "soldiers" for the bosses, where they are just standard scav but would be part of a boss "faction" and fight for said boss. Like Glukhar guys would look more military base with their clothing. Reshala's men would look more like the standard scavs with slightly better gear, that way if they don't want to have 2 bosses on the map they can have it where the bosses sent their "goons" to invade another map, they would be hostile to everyone and are hunting the other boss, shooting at everyone as they patrol to find said boss. They wouldn't be super geared but just enough that you can identify which faction they are with.

These are just things i thought up that would be cool, just to make the bosses more "alive" as right now its more of just going into a raid and either they are there or not, not really making a huge difference other than killing you instantly or you leave with all their gear.

Anyway just wanted to share my thoughts is all, Have a good day!


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