Scavs and you

Something i've been thinking for quite a while but never thought to post it.

I feel like playing as a scav is sort of… for the lack of a better term, over powered?

To me it feels almost no different to play as a scav versus playing as a PMC. I think it should. Right now the only difference between playing a scav or PMC is really just the gear. Get lucky and pick up full gear off a PMC, you're effectively just another PMC with a lot more teammates. I think playing a scav should have some inherent disadvantages to make playing a scav less of a second life without consequence, and more of a different game mode.

Few examples of what i mean, these are just off the top my head.
– Realistically scavs are not supposed to be trained what so ever. Make it so loading a magazine is significantly slower, new animations where they fumble around trying to fit the mag right.
– have their aim be more unpredictable, they haven't trained their muscle memory to have their head looking down the sight the same way each time.
– have more tremours when a bullet flies by. The more suppressed the are, the slower they will reload a mag because they just dont have the reload muscle memory.

Essentially, i think playing as a scav should be more scavenger like, rather than tip of the spear fighter i see so often.


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