Scavs buffed again?

Got head/eyed by a scav on woods ≈ 25 meters with 9mm pistol. He was moving btw and his armes were flicking up because of me shooting him. I know this is not new but this realy is getting frustrating. Not only because the head/eyes but also because the following: When you shoot somebody in the arms they go up infront of the face, covering it. Meanwhile they can still shoot pretty accurate with nearly no problem. I would love to see some change about this mechanic. Removing it or just keeping the aim punsh without the annoying third person only animation. Or just change it up for scavs so they can´t protect their heads with arms/guns.

In pvp I often aim a little bit to low at close range and hit the arms. (yes yes git gud 🙂 They go up into the air, giving the enemy advantage by covering his face. i had the jump on him or her, can´t hit the face for a split second while they still can (with the gun pointed up at the sky).

Thanks for reading, I am aware, my english succs so thank you for hanging in ^^

Anybody feeling the same about this third person-only animation?


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