Scavs shouldn’t be able to target the head, here’s why.

The only time I feel like scavs are too strong is with headshots. Every bullet in the game not counting all shotgun pellets will one tap with a headshot. IMO headshots should not be a possibility for scavs unless they're a sniper or raider/boss scav. Yes it's unrealistic, but the point of choosing to remove the headshot from the possible targets is because a headshot takes SKILL for a player to pull off, but it is a guarantee if a scav targets it. I'm not wanting to make scavs easy, I would like them to be more consistently challenging.

I'm sure bsg balances scav difficulty around how many players die on average to a scav. If the headshot was taken away from the scavs possible targets, then the number of player deaths would probably decrease, meaning bsg would increase their difficulty again to meet their targeted percentage eliminations. This would make it so that scavs become more of a threat (rather than turning, killing them, and turning back to ads'ing the door you've been camping)(joke lol). Random headshots by some pm weilding scav would be gone, and people could begin walking around without a lvl 4 faceshield and feel more confident in their armor. I shouldn't have to wear full t4 head protection and t5 armor to feel like my money is actually doing something against common scav AI. Unless BSG is content with having 2 choices for headwear; ssh or vulkan/altyn.

I wouldn't mind scavs being more difficult or challenging, but their AI must follow the 2 P's of difficulty: Predictable and Preventable. Currently, they fail on the predictably aspect, is the scav going to notice me and run for cover? Throw a nade? Shoot and miss? Insta headshot? Headshots feel rewarding to land on players but feel cheap when an AI scav does it. The consistency one refers to when talking about scavs is their predictably. They should be predictably challenging, rather than mostly harmless while sometimes mimicking John wick. If scav actions were to be plotted on a chart, the difficulty would reflect a bivariate distribution rather than a singular bell curve.

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  • Clayton 23.07.2021 in 09:16

    Uh no.. ik this is super late. But you just suck at the game. Killin scavs are stupid easily, and has been for years. Hit your headshoots noob. They stand still or run right at you :/

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