Scope sensitivity needs to be addressed abit

The scopes in this game have always had something wrong with them an their turn speeds, mainly the larger scopes that are 4x an up so I think its time with all the new people joining tarkov in the last few months we need this looked at urgently keep in mind we aren't just a small community anymore we kind of need some fundamental things like scopes and their sensitivity to work correctly by this point or its going to look bad on the games part when the new people start realizing how fucked they are an a nice little fix for all the vets that had to deal with it for 2 almost 3 years now.

Its not as easy as pressing a button that adds sliders that let us adjust it on our own so if you don't want to do that can we please have some sort of global sensitivity or I dont know if that's the correct word for it but scope sensitivity that's usable no matter what magnification you are using


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