Scoundrel isn’t a Midrange card, but a good Bounty support

gerald witcher3 gwent

I see a lot of people looking at Scoundrel as an easy 12 points for 10 provisions spender that can go in any SY deck, when in reality that's not the case.

– First of all, Scoundrel is at most 12 points + whatever milling value you get out of it (to brick a mamunna for example, but keep in mind it costs 2 coins for the tribute), it cant reach more value without additional bounty synergies.

– Secondly, you need to have coins in your bank before playing him, as he doesnt give you any, so in a short round if you have no coins and you pull a 5 strength unit from your opponents deck without killing it, he's 7 points for 10 provisions, pretty bad.

– He's not a good spender for midrange Syndicate decks, because he requires bounties, i dont recall any SY deck going heavy on bounties without including the full package. At most people were playing Professor, and were using him mainly to kill a 4 strength engine.

– He costs 10 provisions, SY already has great midrange cards like philippa, professor, whoreson, jacques, sigi and flying redanian, i dont think there's enough space for it too without replacing one of these, and i dont think it's worth it.

In conclusion, Scoundrel is a great card when you have additional bounty synergies and you can use him as a spender, so unless you go heavy on bounties, you wont get much value out of his Fee ability. If you dont play him for his Fee, then his value is capped at 12 points for 10 provisions (that can brick if you dont have enough coins to kill the target he pulls), which isnt great when compared to other Syndicate golds.

Because of all these reasons, i dont think Scoundrel will see much play outside of bounty decks.


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