Searching for Raxxla

First time poster here, so I've been delving into the legend recently and after doing some digging, I've found there are a couple star clusters considered to be the "jewel box" of our galaxy. Its incredibly spread out, one cluster located around ngc 6231 and another at ngc 4754 which aren't permit locked, but an awful amount of stars to search.
But what I've found most interesting is if you Google "the jewel of the milky" way you get ngc 3603; which is another huge sector, but located in the hawking gap instead of the outer orion spur, the entire sector is permit locked, about 100 stars or more, but WHY???
I was just wondering if any more experienced cmdrs had been to any of the 6231 or 4754 systems at all? Or if anyone had a better idea on what the jewel of the milky way would be?
I know raxxla may not be in the game, but I enjoy a good Easter egg hunt.


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