Secure containers being LOCKED in raid

I would love to see secure containers being locked in raid, as in you can't put things into once in raid, except for dogtags. IIRC this idea was mentioned years ago by BSG but was never implemented or they haven't done so yet, but I can't remember. Anyways, getting high value loot shouldn't be dependant on spawn RNG. It always sucks getting a far spawn, then killing the guy who got to the high value loot spot and shoved everything up his ass.

Dynamic Loot

I think dynamic loot distribution would need to go along with this, because if not more people would go to the same high value locations than currently and everyone would die even faster. Dynamic loot would mean you find things like LEDx in any meds spawn or bitcoins in any. This wouldn't make locked rooms obselete as they would still have higher chance of spawning good loot. I know this has been talked about, not sure where/if BSG is at with this.

Extract Camping

I can see people being concerned about more people camping extracts, but I disagree. Extract camping really isn't a problem, it is going to happen on every map regardless. Interchange and Shoreline stand out but they just need one or two more extracts. If dynamic loot were implemented, there would be more incentive to loot everywhere as well.

I have no idea what BSG plans to do with the game but I think it would be interesting to at least try for a wipe. I think it would add a bit more variety to the game. Would like to hear people's thoughts on this.


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