Security in the Airship

I always felt that security was a little too bland, and especially on the absolutely massive airship map, the extra cameras just don't make up for it. There are a bunch of computers and other technology things inside security, and I have two suggestions. I know they aren't at all likely to be implemented, but I just thought it would be cool if it happened.

  1. Emergency Power: There should be a switch in security that allows you to pull an emergency power supply when lights are out to turn it back on, or to turn back comms when its being sabotaged. Naturally this would only last for 10-15 seconds, this allows for some nice crewmate clutch plays, as it allows you to call button without fixing sabotage.
  2. Intercom: You would be able to type up a message into the intercom and broadcast it onto the top of everyone's task lists, which would be there for a few seconds before disappearing.

Overall, I feel the new map has great graphics/visuals, but not enough game-mechanics to balance the massive map size, and these two suggestions could help. Let me know if you have any ideas for improvements, etc.


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