Seemingly little-known Star-Trek Reference: (Jean-Luc) Picard Reach Station in “Gilgamesh”

I was having a little look around for some trading routes and came across a certain "Picard Reach" station. At first I didn't think anything much of it, since it may say Picard but it's hardly enough to say it's a reference to star trek… then I saw the system name "Gilgamesh". As in, the subject of an episode, where Picard attempts to communicate to a race that speaks only metaphorically.
To put the episode briefly, the Enterprise can translate the language perfectly well, but the race speaks in stories/references and without knowing who or what the names used represent, they can't interpret them. Picard finally realises this and begins reciting the "Epic of Gilgamesh" (one of the oldest tales of human history) of how two enemies became friends through hardship.

I just found it rather interesting not just for likely being a neat reference, but that it seems to have gone under the radar so far.
Had anyone else found this little place? or seen something about it i might not have?
Let me know!

p.s. it's certainly decided a new home system for me! Especially as it sells quite a few alien items, no surprises there though I suppose!


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