Seems like “stealth” gameplay doesn’t exist, this fix would go a long way..

Why is it that when i'm standing still and I move my gun horizontally more than like 10 degrees both my feet shuffle?

I can be in walk mode, meaning silent as possible, and my guy will shuffle both his feet really loudly when i turn my gun just a little bit.

This is far from realistic and singlehandedly kills stealth gameplay in eft. Under the right conditions you can crouch walk without being heard, but if you change your facing position at any point, you shuffle both feet. This sound is easily heard and you are now spotted, thus eliminating the tactic of moving around enemies un-heard and un-noticed.

In real life, if i'm holding a rifle, I can easily turn 90 degrees in both directions and fire, without shuffling my feet(making a sound).

Being heard when turning means you can't turn, not being able to turn and fire in a new direction effectively means you can't sneak up on someone who themselves is moving around.

Until sneaking is further supported the only real tactic is rambo.


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