Senseless bans to search for a game when leaving the game (most often due to technical problems) from 30 minutes to infinity.

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Good time of day. I am writing to you because of the imperfection of the Low priority system. A lot of players get there because of the BSOD, weak Internet, long loading into the match, problems with the power supply, well, actually with unexplained crashes due to the game itself (personally, I often get there because of problems with the power supply). So before getting Low priority, players are given a meaningless ban on searching for a match from 1 minute to 1/3/7 days. I agree that a ban on search is probably necessary … but not for more than 30 minutes. Since I once had such a thing that every time the search ban timer was reset, I had technical problems during the match and I could not reconnect. As a result, at first I got the standard 30 minutes of ban, but in those days I was so "lucky" that I, for nothing, was forced to wait first 24 hours, then 2 days, 3 days and 1 week, respectively. In total, I didn't have access to the game for almost 2 weeks, which is why I stopped playing dota 2 for a long time. I have a suggestion for you, instead of meaningless search bans to infinity, add 1-2 games to Low priority. In addition, add at least the Random draft and All random modes to the Low priority mode. For these are very little used game modes. (I translated it with the help of an AI interpreter, since I don't know English) Thank you for your understanding.


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