Sent To Dum Dum Commander Jail For Not Respecting Gravity

Been playing for weeks now non stop, and I believe I have encountered my greatest and most powerful foe yet: Gravity.
I was on a courier mission, set to deliver data to a surface facility. Upon entering the atmosphere of the planet I noticed my altitude dropping quickly, and I zoomed right past the target.
Figuring I was just flying like an idiot, I turned around, and requested docking permission moments later.
Landing pad 8. I've done this many times before, and I'm actually getting good at it. Incoming voice comms indicate that I'm flying like a dipshit, and will be eating dirt if I don't wise the fuck up and start flying responsibly. I glance at my altimeter, and notice a drastic plunge in altitude, even though my horizontal attitude thrusters are engaged.
I slam into the facility, my shield indicator fizzles out, and sparks fly. I'm still alive.
Due to sheer inexperience with this phenomenon of 'gravity', I rebound immidiately, boost at a 90 degree angle, and slam into the facility once again, ending my avatars existence.
Apparently, the owners of this facility were more concerned with the craters I left behind in my wake, and decided a stint in dum dum commander jail was a fitting punishment.
I'm currently an ensign, climbing up the federation ladder quickly. Perhaps my future as a pilot needs serious reconsideration. I'm a danger to sentient life.


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