[Serious] Elite dangerous needs more of a story.

Elite. To many people, the word means nothing. But to the few that do, we think of the space game spanning 4 decades of some of the most advanced technologies used for space simulation.

The most recent instalment, Elite Dangerous, has a player-base of nearly 17 million players, for a game released 6 years ago. Quite a few players. In many people’s opinion, including a YouTuber known as TheYamiks, the game has incredible lore potential, but Frontier developments choose to simply shut down player events to progress what little story there is (remember the Gnosis) and to really not bother with story progression, instead choosing to say “It uses player based progression” meaning they let the player simply sit alone, trying to work out what on earth you are meant to do. The game literally has more information on your character in the online manual! 

Really though, what we as a player base are feeling is disappointment. We sit and grind and grind to get to a point that we can experience some event, that isn’t even made by the game, and the developers decide to say no, and then have the audacity to give us an inactive thargoid base. Like that makes up for finding a way to explore a whole new sector, that all the maps, and the tiny little pieces of a story that you seem to be no longer even making, lead to. Really, it’s honestly not too hard for a company like frontier to create a bit of a story arc. 
So, what do I want? I think that some more story is necessary. I don’t mean adding more species of alien, I mean finishing your last ideas. Thargoids, take us to their home base, unlock the cone sector. Give us some Raxxla information, so we know more about the dark wheel. To be honest, if you released this as a paid expansion or even a whole new game, I’d be first in line, because your game is incredibly special. The feeling that it gives for a new player is intoxicating. All you want is more. But the problem is, there really isn’t anymore. Indulge us, give us some more story, because if you are going to make an exploration game or a space sim game, give us a climax. Give us something to work for. The player base is hungry for more. So indulge us, please. 

If you share my opinion on the fact that Elite is in great need of more of a story, sign the petition. I'd really appreciate this getting through to frontier.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qiagfg/serious_elite_dangerous_needs_more_of_a_story/

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