[Serious] Is this game trolling me with this ban?

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Hey guys,

I'm just a(nother) random noob ranting about this game.. I had my best game of the last 2-3 months on Pango last night, so I was really looking forward for today's first game. Opponents were 5 solo q guys, all were callibrated recently to Crusader I-III. SF lost mid, hard support Warlock fed Pudge like crazy and Void was Chrono-ing me in base. It was the usual "first game of the day, let's make it extra shitty for you, mate", I'm kinda getting used to it by now. Seriously, my first game every day is like this.

I brush it off, go next, pick SK offlane again. I have AM in lane, we do pretty well against him, then some random stuff happen, we TP all (1 by 1, obviously..) for a Dusa kill, she gets 3 kills and walks away. At this point I realize top lane is free farm, I get my Aghs and Blink, try to turn the game, but we eventually lose. Nothing too out of the ordinary until this point, but

I get my updated conduct summary, everything is green, then I try to get another game before dinner, but it doesn't work. I try again and notice I just got a 4h Overwatch ban. Okay, fine enough, maybe it's an error. I wait for it to end until now, but I still can't play normally, I've got low prio and need to win a Single Draft game. LIKE WTF??? I never abandon, play until the last seconds and always try my best to win. Why did I get all this in a matter of minutes – all after my phenomenal Pango game last night?

Please help, I'm more than confused and hearthbroken atm 🙁

Proof, even if it doesn't say much: https://imgur.com/a/3vWUKdY

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/pnr8fe/serious_is_this_game_trolling_me_with_this_ban/

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