[Serious] Variations on the Game

Thread to Discuss Variations on the Game

These variations on the game that are non-standard. Most of them rely on playing in a Discord chat (or other chat tool) and do not work well with just the in game texting feature. None of these are appropriate for a Public Lobby.

I want to discuss variations that I've been playing with my friends and having a lot of fun doing:

1. Serial Killer Mode (AKA Hide and Seek)

Most people know Hide & Seek Mode but I've seen several variations on it. Our version has the following setup: Imposter vision reduced to minimum, Crew vision is normal, imposter cool down is minimum, speed is set high. The round starts with comms being sabotaged and then the imposter may choose whether or not to start counting down from 10 out loud. After 10 seconds, whether the imposter has revealed their identity or not, the killing begins. Everyone is allowed to talk at all times, except dead people. No one may reveal who killed them but anyone can reveal who the imposter is if they know.

2. Medium Difficulty

In this variation, only the dead are allowed to speak (hence the title). Only when a body is found, the ghost may start speaking and describe their tasks, pathing, and whom they encountered. They are now beyond good and evil so may not describe players in moralistic terms. They may describe whom they saw, when, and what tasks they think they saw them doing, but under no circumstances should they actually reveal who the imposter is. This spoils the game. Obviously, this makes the game heavily reliant on an "Honor System" and only works well among friends.

We're going to experiment with another version soon, where the person who presses the emergency report button gets to ask the ghosts one question and then ghosts can discuss freely.

3. Debate Mode

(my favorite) Simply put, this is a pretty hilarious variation where there are no killings and no sabotages allowed. The crew simply does tasks and if someone has a suspicion, a meeting is called and argument ensues. Everyone gets one Meeting button and no more. If all meetings have been called and the imposter still hasn't been ejected, the imposter can start killing the crew. The kill cool down is set to minimum, btw. (we're still tweaking settings on this version).

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/kytysg/serious_variations_on_the_game/

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