Seriously: can we have a single player mode?

This wipe I am missing out completely since I knew Tarkov would (again) consume all my gaming time and then some. I just can't grind that shit and when I finally reach level 40 another wipe is coming in. I know, I know: boo-hoo for me and GIT GUD!

Still, Battlestate Games has quite a responsibility here! Tarkov made almost all other shooters unpalatable for me. In comparison they seem so dumbed down that it hurts me in my head. Even the weather effects are second to none in Tarkov!

So what if, with a new wipe you can choose not only between USEC and BEAR but also between Singleplayer and Multiplayer. Progress and leveling up and quests are all the same in both gamemodes, obviously. But you CAN'T switch between the two. If you decide to do so, you first have to reset your account to then be able to choose a new gamemode.

  1. It would help people like me who at times have little to no time to keep up with the grind and don't even want to grind and who just want to enjoy the gunplay.
  2. It would attract even more players to the game.
  3. At the same time it would (probably) take the pressure from the servers.
  4. BSG has developed such an incredible AI now that it just seems a waste to not show it off properly in a PvE gamemode.

Inb4: I do know that you can play only with Scavs. BUT you still have to level up in PvPvE and you won't keep loot/progress. So that is not really a solution.

Edit: Almost instantly downvoted. Who would have thunk?


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