Seriously considering to ditch this game because of how stressful it is

As the title says, I really do consider that. This is my 3rd wipe and I've never felt like this game is too stressful for me. Recently had some really bad raids in EFT, like dying 10 times in a row, but even then I still wanted to play until this day.

I was on Customs, got into some prolonged fight (me and the enemy were sneaking because we heard each other and we spent solid 4 minutes slowly walking around the Skeleton building.

After getting killed, I had this feeling that I've never had before in any other game. I felt like I REALLY wasn't having fun and that stress is not enjoyable to me. Earlier I liked that adrenaline and the high pulse, but now I'm seriously feeling that this game is not for me (completely out of blue since it is my 3rd wipe).

Did anyone that still plays this game had that moment aswell? I'm thinking about ditching this game for a few months and then maybe come back to it.

That stress rn is just too much lol


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